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I'm late... [12 May 2003|05:39am]

to say this, but I added a new poem and updated my bio at /mirror.

And my bellydancing blog has been moved in (thanks to the wonderful Miss Ely) for a little while now, over at /dance.
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[06 May 2003|11:39pm]

oops, the clique link was supposed to be this.. :X
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[06 May 2003|11:36pm]

heyas:) i don't think i've ever written in this before, but.. that's probably because i haven't updated in forever. however, now there's a new layout over at /january which includes a new daisy chain clique. xoxo!
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[22 Feb 2003|08:47pm]

I switched computers a month ago and downloaded Cute FTP because I got my previous FTP client through boomspeed when they were down and I couldn't remember where it came from. Trouble is, my Cute FTP trial is coming to an end. Does anyone know of either a way I can keep Cute FTP or of another good client I can download?

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Summer dazed in a summery haze (I miss yew already) [19 Feb 2003|09:07pm]

Okay, it's official. I managed to go through and check (at least the 1024 layout) my new homepage design, and it seems to be all up. ^-^
Please come see my baby and sign the gbookie and let me know what you'd like to see, what does and doesn't work.

Tweaks expected on the weekend, when I am not work-logged like a soggy carpet.
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[16 Feb 2003|11:48am]

_romance & I started The Pacific Project, a journal project that Nicoletta has graciously hosted! Kiss.

Eep...sorry, this update is a bit late.
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AARRGH! [15 Feb 2003|04:20pm]

I'm trying to upload my new design, but the the server keeps kicking me out. it's driving me insane.
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woot! [27 Jan 2003|08:24pm]

likeyesterday and i were talking on aim and she suggested us all designing eachother's layouts for fun, and i also remember moonborn suggesting it as well. so i think..why not?

who is up for it?
i was thinking maybe we could start it in february and the deadline could be march.
i was just going to put everyone's names of who want to participate in a hat and draw for who designs who's.

sign below if you want in. ;)
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[27 Jan 2003|08:39am]

Winterwind has a new layout. Pop-up & image series (once again). Click on through?
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indigo [26 Jan 2003|10:27am]

good morning all-
added a photography section.
have a beautiful day.
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TDS the LMAO [21 Jan 2003|09:34pm]

So I'm pondering (as I do, late at night).
And this night, I'm pondering that perhaps I would like to have a TDS notebooky-art-oject-thingy. I have a blank art journal, A5 size, and a few ideas wiggling through my brain.
But is anyone else interested?
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[11 Jan 2003|09:19pm]

new little layout at /delirium
actually not very new, I just forgot to mention it (in the midwinter snow, I forget things ever existed before a silent expanse of white)
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:) [30 Dec 2002|07:58pm]

this is late, but
new muse: [two hands.] at /indigo :)

ps-- have a lovely lovely new year's! <3
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[30 Dec 2002|01:44pm]

W i n t e r w i n d

has a new layout. I think I am changing layouts too frequently, but I never seem to be satisfied with the ones I create lately. But will be January and that's when Januarygirls, like me, shine! I hope all of you have a wonderful new year. <3.
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[30 Dec 2002|01:37pm]

W i n t e r w i n d

has a new layout. I think I am changing layouts too frequently, but I cannot seem to be satisfied with the ones I create. But soon it will be January...and this is when Januarygirls, like me, shine. *grins* Hope you all have a wonderful new year.
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[28 Dec 2002|09:47pm]

I finally managed to update /abovetheclouds. I'm reasonably pleased with the new layout, except for the fact that the pictures didn't convert to jpg very well. Could be worse, I suppose.
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[20 Dec 2002|01:24pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Hee, first time I've posted in this. I didn't even realize I was in it until now. 'toopid me :}
Anyways, I've started working on the layout for Ivydrops but It's not coming too well. I've gotta mess around with the html yet again to align shtuff v_v I'm trying to overlap. It'll be done in awhile though. Hopefully over the winter break.
Anyways, gonna go grab a bite.
you's, love

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[10 Dec 2002|02:26am]

There's something new at /winterwind. Just something simple for this December. hearts&xx.
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Ohohoh (( i can. feel it bil-ding! )) [05 Dec 2002|09:14pm]

I am at work on a new layout.
She's beautiful. Soso different.
I like to recreate my page every time I make her, turn her into rubble, then rebuild from the ground up - so new EVERYTHING.
I want to say what's she's based on this time, but she's a surprise!
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[17 Nov 2002|10:28pm]


I just fully realized that I'm one of the lovely flowers in the TDS garden (wow, that sounds like of clicheic but rather honest).

I figured I'd say hi since I'm new although I know some of you, of course. I'm Courtney and am privileged to have Iris which is me, more or less, pretending to be a decent writer.

I suppose that is it for now.

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